Getting Started!

We want to take the stress out of pet care. In-home pet sitting eliminates the trauma and time of transporting pets to kennels or other caregivers in unfamiliar settings. Keeping pets in their own home, using their own food, water, bowls, yard, sleeping in their own bed, and keeping their same routine reduces their stress while you are away from home. We take their care and well-being very seriously and do our very best to keep them happy at home. In addition, dog walking and play sessions are great ways to provide activity while you are away for the day or at work.

We do everything possible to make the process simple while easing your mind about leaving home. Below is a summary of our process. Please contact us with any questions.

1 Initial Information

We first want to connect with you to verify that you are located within our service area and discuss the needs of your pets. Tell us about them! We love hearing about your pets! We will want to know how many pets you have, the types of pets (dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, etc.), their typical routine/schedule and behavior, their personalities, and any health or medical concerns. We will also need to know the dates you will need pet care as well as determine the number of visits per day that are best for your pets. See our FAQ page for additional information.

2 Complete Contract

Once we have the basics, we will send you a contract to complete. This is a fairly detailed document which will give us information about your pets, home care, and emergency information. We want to be thorough and have as much information as possible – we want to ensure that we have the necessary information in case of an emergency. We will also send you tips about how to best prepare your home and pets for pet sitting visits. Once this contract is completed, we will have it on file for future visits. Any future visits can be coordinated by phone or email.

3 Initial visit (“meet and greet”)

We will schedule a time to come to your home to meet you and your pets. We will want to become familiar with the routine of your pets and see the location of food, litter box(es), water and food bowls, leashes, etc. This initial visit is free. We want to make certain that everyone feels comfortable (you, your pets, and our sitter) so that pet sitting visits or dog walks are positive experiences for everyone. During this visit, we will pick up the completed contract and two copies of your house key(s). (Two keys are needed, one is used by the sitter during visits and one is kept in our office lock box as a back-up).

4 Pet sitting (or dog walking) visits

Whether long working hours or traveling keeps you away from home, we will provide you peace of mind knowing that your pets and home are in good hands. We will provide professional, reliable, and loving care during each scheduled visit with your pets. Depending on your preferences, we will provide feedback and/or pictures of your pets while you are away. Please notify your sitter when you return home so that we will know that your pets are back in your care.

5 Future visits

All future visits can be scheduled by phone or email. Just contact us in advance of your travel plans so we can be sure to have availability for your pets, especially if you are traveling during a holiday. We will email you a confirmation of your scheduled visit(s). Please notify us of any updates or changes with your pets or home.

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